Specializing in Computer Animation and Computer Visualization for over 20 years, Novamation MEDIA has; Designed data systems in MySQL and PHP, created online educational content, developed data-driven graphic interfaces for web applications and education systems and produced educational and industrial media productions for business We provide services in:

Illustration and Animation
Novamation MEDIA illuminates your vision and helps it to become reality. We produce crisp, clean digital images for print or web that help you show others what you're thinking. Contact us for product, character or book illustrations.
Demonstration and Visualization
Novamation MEDIA can produce Industrial animation (logos, identifications, animations, etc.) assembled for advertising or educational use. Deliverable is usually a digital video file (.mp4, .avi), or continuous animated .gif.
Novamation MEDIA produces interactive panoramic visualizations for architectural presentation or user interface. (See ''Bathroom Example'' below)
Graphic User Interface
Novamation MEDIA designs web-based interfaces that can interact with database or data files. We design icon driven or environmental (full image) graphic user interfaces (GUI)'s.

We give virtual concepts physical form.
We make data interactive.
We are the all-singing all-dancing characters of the web.

Novamation MEDIA